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My sleep schedule gets so fucked up on my days off. I was up until like 5am yesterday trying to finish up the last 2 discs of Lost. I forgot to set the alarm, which I have to do even on my days off because I have the sheets over the windows in the bedroom so no light comes in, which means I'll sleep forever if I dont set the alarm. So anyways, I slept till 4pm, lol. Completely wasted my whole day off, which is no biggie because I didnt really have shit to do anyways. I did laundry on Monday and washed EVERYTHING I own. It took for fuckin ever because apparently everyone here does their shit on Monday.

People have the trickiest, most manipulative systems of doing laundry on busy days. Like, I dunno, I couldnt even figure out their systems but it's like once I finally got my shit washed, I couldnt get a dryer to save my fuckin life. I remember people coming in and getting their shit outta the dryer and then they'd leave but somehow there still wouldbe be a free dryer. Sneaky bitches. It's all good though, I had my "Chronicles of Narnia" book which I've been trying to finish forever so I got about 3-4 hours of reading in, lol. I fuckin hate doing laundry. I'd take it to a drop off laundromat like I did the last place I lived, but I dunno. I havent really seen any I'd trust....with my dirty ass clothes.

That new show, Weeds, on Showtime is pretty good.....

Not much else going on. It's now almost 3 in the morning and I havent even been up for 12 hours....

My boss is supposed to be coming to my store tomorrow to check on the remerch and see how its coming along or whatever. I dont see the point but whatever, guess he has to do his job. Doing remerches is ALL I like to do at my job, so of course i'm gonna be all over it. I dont like helping customers because they're generally all morons, I dont like merching sections because its boring and that's what part-timers are for, I dont like ringing customers because we have to offer then like 15 different things and you have to be all fake nice, which I'm actually quite good at. They should give out Oscar's for the best retail performances....I'd totally win..."Hi! Welcome to Sam Goody! What can I help you find today!?" "Oh I heard that Hootie & The Blowfish CD is REALLY GOOD!" "Yes, we have the Miss Congeniality 2 soundtrack right over here. I havent heard it but we sell out of it almost every week!" God...I'm so fuckin good.

I was talkin to Jon earlier and he was talking about moving to Knox after he gets a car. I dunno...at first I was excited and was like, i'll help you find a job (notice I didnt offer to HIRE him) and all this other shit, but now, especially after the "fight" we got into, I remembered how much we got on each other's nerves the last time we lived together. I mean, it got to the point that for the last 4 months we lived together we didnt speak at all. If he was home, i was either gone or in my room, and vice versa. I know it wouldnt work out anyways, I was just happy to have someone i've known longer than 6 months and doesnt work for me here in Knox.

I cant WAIT for Sunday! My flight leaves for Orlando at like 4:20pm (yay 420!) so i'm gonna be all anxious all day. I actually had a dream the other night that I woke up and it was the day I'm flying down and I only had 15 minutes before my flight left and I was seriously trying to pack my bags (with dirty clothes, this was before I did laundry, lol) and get to the airport before the plane left. And hell, you cant get anywhere in Knox in 15 minutes. I dont care if you're going to the store down the street...someone will plop some damn orange barrels in the road and call it a construction zone and you'll be sitting in traffic for a fuckin hour. I swear to god, that's why UT's colors are orange...they might as just go ahead and make those barrels the damn mascot and get it over with. Anyways, lol....Yeah I'm super excited for conference, even thought it just means sitting in freezing ass conference rooms, talking about the same old "This is gonna be the best year ever!", and fighting like a mother fucker to keep my eyes open. But we do have some kick ass performances at night though. I'm really looking forward to seeing 30 Seconds to Mars, I cant wait. I'm ready for that Coldplay concert on the 18th too. Good month. But seriously, it should be fun...it's always fun at conferences because you can talk about all the shit about your job that sucks with the other store managers in your district, which you can't really do with the people that work for you because they really dont have a fucking clue what your job is really all about. They just think you boss everyone around and are "lazy". They all think you're supposed to be out there doing all the same shit they're doing, even though you graduated from grunt work long ago. I mean hello, do you really think they're paying me almost 3 times as much as you to do the same shit? Anyways, lol, thats a whole other post.

Shit, i'd better go to bed. Peace.
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