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fuckin ipods

man, this morning....oh my god...lol

So, I got up at like 6am because I fell asleep yesterday night at like 8pm. So, i decided I'd better get my phone and my iPod all charged up because I'm flying to Orlando later today. SO i get the phone on the charger and i plug my ipod into the USB cable and iTunes starts to load up to update it and all of a sudden there's this "iTunes is unable to find all the files necessary to open. Please reinstall iTunes" so i was like okay....so i reinstalled it and tried to open it again and it was like "iTunes is unable to open and must shut down - Send Error Report?" and i tried over and over and I kept getting the same message. I spent the next 2 HOURS trying to figure out what was wrong with this shit and finally I figured out that my Quictime was fucked up that's why iTunes wouldnt start. So, I tried to uninstall Quicktime and it was missing the uninstall file, lol. So, i tried all this different shit and nothing was working and you cant JUST install quicktime anymore, you have to reinstall iTunes also, but the iTunes installer wont reinstall Quicktime if you already have it on your computer, lol. So as you can imagine at this point I was livid. I had to hold myself back from throwing the damn laptop across the room. FINALLY i find an older version of quicktime alone online and install it then uninstall all copies of Quicktime, then reinstall iTunes so it will install a new copy of Quicktime and voila it worked!

So, while I was doing all that I noticed there was a new version of teh iPod software so i go to download it and update my iPod and everything goes fine until it installs it on the iPod itself and it's like, unplug your iPod from teh PC and plug it into the wall charger to reflash the software, and i'm like MOTHER FUCKER!! So, the iPod wont work until i find the fuckin wall charger that i havent used since I got the damn thing a year ago. I turned my fuckin apartment upside down looking for that damn thing, and I finally found it tangles up in the cords behind the TV, which is actually the first place i thought to look, but I was like "There's no way it would be behind there".

This morning has kicked my fuckin ass....I'm already ready to go to bed...but, I've gotta do some laundry and finish packing..I just know i'm gonna forget something like shoes, lol...oh well...I've got a flight on 9/11, how well was I expecting today to go?
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