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Okay so i'm fuckin back bitches.

I had, the BEST fuckin trip EVER!!

So much shit happened, I cant even fit it on here...i dont even know if I want to try...I'll just put some dotpoints to illustrate my point.

Okay, saw Adema play Monday night, Grace got on stage with them dancing, tried to crowdsurf, they dropped her, lol. Tried again, more successful second time around. They invited us up to their room to smoke out, and we totally did. Already drunk off our asses from my boss buying us alcohol out the ass. Great Night!

Second night was a free night. We went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville....less fun night, more demure and low key. Everyone went to bed around midnight-ish. Not much drinking that night.

Third Night, had vendor night which is we go to a HUGE warehouse sized tent with about 200 different vendors and get free shit. I got the Back to the Future trilogy, Seinfeld Season 4, met Scott Ian from Anthrax and had him sign some shit, met Cary Kane (?) from Slayer and he's a total asshole (FUCK SLAYER) but still had him sign a t-shirt for me, and I got a TON of other shit like free DVD's and CD's and stuff. Then we went to Hard Rock Live and saw Tierra Marie, Paul Wall, and 30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the acts only did 3 songs.....30 Seconds did almost a full set! IT.....WAS......FUCKIN.....AWESOME! It was absolutely the best live show i've ever seen. Jared Leto came down into the crowd and pushed through with everyone grabbing him...then he walked right in front of me and i totally got to touch him, which sounds like "woo" but its fuckin Jared Leto for christ sake...they totally rocked and made this whole trip so worth it. I los tmy voice from screaming and smoking like a chimney this week. I went through 4 packs of cigarettes this week....madness

I'm off tomorrow, but it's back to work on Friday....which i'm actually pretty fuckin bummed about. I had so much fun with the other mgrs in my district man, i didnt want to fuckin leave....it was so cool to be around other people who work for the company who are positive and dont bitch and moan about ever little fuckin thing. They arent fuckin negative all the time about new stuff the company is trying to do to keep the fuckin store open. It's just nice to be around other people who actually care about what they're doing and arent just in it for the paycheck. I'm supposed to call Jay from the Nashville store tomorrow to see if he and Tammy (our former DM) can get Coldplay tickets and meet me and Shelley there on Sunday.

But seriously, I learned alot about how to better run my store, and I'm actually really excited about Christmas coming up. They've got alot of new tools to help us get more organized this season, and I think it's gonna go waaaay more smooth than last year. Of course, the whole district was a mess last year. I had a new store on Dec 9th that did way more than my last store, we had a new DM, half the stores had brand new managers, the fuckin store i took had a whole store full of shitty employees and ZERO xmas temps AND it was fuckin trashed....it was just a mess, i didnt know where to fuckin start last year.....lol

Anyways, i need to take my ass to bed. There'll prolly be more later i guess. I'm off tomorrow so i'm sure i'll have plenty of time on my hands....
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