Jason (coldplayjc) wrote,


OKAY, i'm about ready to go home already....but on the other hand, I'm so ready to just stay here.

So, I got a new car yesterday. The guys at the Toyota dealership were laughing at me cause I just got my corolla a year ago there. I got an 05 Camry, it's black, sunroof, i'm in LOVE.

This has actually been a pretty good visit home. I've seen so many people I know everywhere. I miss knowing everyone, lol. Hell, i cant walk from the door to teh car without sseeing someone I know drive by. I went to lunch today with Jon (i know, i know) and we went to the Applebee's I used to work at. Freakin' everyone is still there. PLUS, there was this guy named Patrick that I kinda had a crush on in HS, and he's working there now. He came over and we were talking to each other for a bit about mutual friends, etc...(he's gay btw), but anyways, he left to leave and like 5 minutes later he comes back and was like "Here's my number man, give me a call this weekend, or whenever you're intown man, we should really hang out." I was like "Sure thing man" I looked over at Jon and he was slightly fuming which made me feel even better, lol. We have such a fucked up friendship, lol...or whatever the fuck you'd call it.

I went out with Shelley and Leslie last night to one of their friends houses. We cat outside and drank and cut up. It was fun, but it was too FUCKIN HOT and HUMID. My shirt was like stuck to me, I just felt gross. Plus, the fuckin mosquitos were biting the shit outta me, and the chick had like 5 little dogs, plus Shelley and Leslie's 2 dogs they brought. Fuckin dogs everywhere, it was alright though...i'm pretty used to dogs now, i used to be terrified of dogs after my neighbors dog attacked me in Middle School. Good times.

I dunno what i'm gonna do tonight...or the rest of the afternoon....I knwo for sure i'm turning off this soap opera shit that Jon's watching. Turn on some Teen Titans or Danny Phantom, lol

I have spent so much freakin money since i've been home. I'm kinda scared to check my balance, lol

anyways, i'm outta here.
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omg, I can't believe you got the car. you are so weak!! :P jk. at least you didn't get a tan one.
oooh, sunroof. Nice.
lol :-P